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Palm handle WED-2000A is enjoying a great success in global market by its

Innovative in design. It is distinguishable by the lightweight, easy hand carrying,

accurate imaging and simple interface. The selectable two difference kinds of

probe, dual frequencies, offer more widely range of applications. It is really the

most ideal for doctors, vet, even the farmer who can easily carry out quick and

easy diagnosis for Uterine, Ovarian examination, frequency detection and sexing

Technical specifications:

1) Monitor: 5.0 inch TFT color LCD

2) Weight: 750g

3) Probes: 3.5MHz/5.0MHz mechanical sector selectable

4) Battery: Rechargeable and internal, back-up for 4hrs

5) Display Mode: B, B+B, B+M, M

6) Image magnification in four levels: X1.0, x1.2, x1.5, x2.0 times

7) Gray scale: 256 levels

8) Text annotation: Patient ID, sex, age

9) Software: For human or veterinary, selectable

10) Measurement: Distance, length, area/circumference, time/heart rate/EF rate

for heart

11) Stander accessories: AC adapter, internal battery, gel, mouse

12) Optional: 5.0MHz sector probe, car charger, extra battery with charging


13) Case color of scanner: For human - gray color for veterinary - black color


Standard configuration: (Suggested for human use)

1) 3.5MHz probe with freeze key built-Inner packing: (Suggested for vet use)

2) 3.5MHz waterproof probe

Standard configuration:

1) (Suggested for human use) main unit + 3.5MHz probe with freeze key built-in

2) (Suggested for vet use) main unit + 3.5MHz waterproof probe


1) (Suggested for human use) 3.5MHz probe with freeze key built-in (Suggested

for vet use) 3.5MHz waterproof probe

2) Extra rechargeable internal battery with the cable

3) Car charger

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>>Products>>Imaging>>Ultrasound Scanner 2000a