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Item Description Quantity
Scalpel Handle no3 1
Scalpel Handle no4 1
Scalpel Handle no7 1
Gillies Tissue Forceps 1by2 Teeth 155mm 1
Adson Dura Forceps 1by2 Teeth 120mm 1
Adson Forceps Transve. Serrations 120mm 1
Disssecting Forceps Standard Pattern 180mm 1
Non Traumatic Vessel Forceps 150mm 1
MC Indoe Dissecting Forceps 150mm 1
Mayo Scissors Straight 155mm 1
Mayo Scissors Curved 155mm 1
Metzenbaum Scissors Curved 145mm 1
Littler Dissecting Scissors 115mm 1
Stevens Tendon Scissors Curved Sharpened 110mm 1
Iris And Ligature Scissors Curved 115mm 1
Halsted Mosquito Forceps Straight 125mm 5
Crile Artery Forceos Curved 140mm 5
Rochester Ochsner Forceps Straight 1by2 T 140mm 2
Allis Tissue Forceps 4/5th 150mm 2
Babcock Tissue Forceps Serr 160mm 2
Lane Tissue Forceps 1/2th 150mm 1
DuroGrip Crile Needle Holder 150mm 1
Durodrip Hegar Mayo Needle Holder 150mm 1
Nievert Needle Holder 125mm TC 1
Durodrip Hasley Needle Holder 130mm 1
Czerny Retractor 175mm 2
Fine Skin Retractor Gillies 180mm Small 2
Mcindoe Double Skin Hook 9by152mm 2
Kocher Langenbeck Retractor 25by6mm 2
Weitlaner Retractor LT-RATCH 2by3 BL PR extras 1
Rampley Dressing Forceps 250mm 2
Towel Clamp 115mm Length 5
Catridge Dental Syringe Only 1
Brodie Malleable Probe Poldirector 20cm 1
Symes Raspatories Sharp 185mm 1
Mac Donald Dissector 185mm 1
Volkmann Double End Sharp 145mm 1
Yankauer Suction Canulae 285mm 1
Perforated Basket 406by254by70mm 1
Mcindoe Scissors Curved 190mm 1
Halsted Mosquito Forceps Curved 125mm 5
Crile Artery Forceps Curved 140mm 5
Sean Miller Retractor Double Ended 2



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>>Products>>Biospy Instruments >>Major Plastic Set