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Item Description Quantity
Sponge Handle no4 2
Sponge FCPS Rampleys 24 cm B/L 3
Scraple Handle no3 1
Scraple Handle no7 2
N/Holder Bozeman 20cm T/C aj 2
N/Holder Mayo Hegar T/C 18cm 2
Mayo Scissors Curved 17cm 1
Mayo Scissors 17cm STR 1
Metzenbaum Scissors CVD BL/BL 18cm 1
Parametrium Scissor SL/CV S/CUT TC 1
Scissors Sraight SH/SH 13cm 1
Gillies Diss Forceps 1by2 15cm 1mm 2
Dressing Forceps SERR 13cm 1
Bonnies Tissue Forceps 18cm 1by2 T 1
Mcndoe Dressing Forceps 15cm 1
Russion Tissue Forceps 20cm 1
Crile Art Forceps Curved 4cm 10
A/Forcep Crile Baby 14cm Straight 6
Spencer Wells Art Forceps Straight 18cm 10
Spencer Wells Art Forceps Curved 18cm 6
Kocher PSCH A/Forceps Straight 20cm 4
Roberts Art Forceps Curved 22cm 4
Moynihans Gall Duct Forcep Curved 24 2
Mixter Oshaunessy Forceps 19cm aj 1
Lahey (sweet) Gall Duct Forceps 23cm 1
Briesky Vaginal Retr 100by35mm 1
Tissue Forceps Babcocks Standard 16cm 2
Belfour Retractor 180mm Complete 1
Morris Retractor S/E 38by50mm 1
Morris Retractor S/E 50by50mm 1
Czerny Retractor 18cm 2
Pin Mayo 14cm AJ 2
Pin Mayo 4.5"- 11cm aj 2
Suction Tube Yankauer 1
Backhaus Towel Forceps 10cm 2
Jones Xaction Towel Clips 9cm 4
Maingoat Hyst Forceps Curved 24cm 4
Hysterectomy Clamp 24cm 4
Hyst Forceps Phaneuf Straight 21.5cm 4
Tray Perforated 525by365by55mm 1


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>>Products>>Instrument Sets>>Abdominal Hysterectomy Set